Voices from the Inside

This page is for the words we recieve from our allies and comrades inside Pennsylvania's prisons. Many of these statements were given to us to be read at protests and rallys, including the February 20th Occupy for Prisoners rally and the November 19th Tribunal to put the PA Prison System on trial.

If you or someone you love is currently incarcerated and wants to submit something for our Voices from the Inside section, write to us at:

Decarcerate PA
PO Box 40764
Philadelphia, PA 19107

By Felix Rosado

Editor's note: shortly after this article was written, a person from the block next to Felix became the DOC's first confirmed case of COVID-19. The next... READ MORE

By Clinton Walker

Unless you’ve been living in... READ MORE

By Clinton Walker

We have all heard that ancient... READ MORE

By David “Dawud” Lee

Over the many years that I have been doing... READ MORE

By Felix Rosado

It's after midnight and I can't sleep. Yesterday I was... READ MORE

Felix Rosado

By Felix Rosado... READ MORE

By Felix Rosado

As we begin our third week here in the... READ MORE

TO: "ALL PRISONERS" (Esp. Those 18 to 24 Juvenile LWOP prisoners) RE: BOLD NEW IDEA... READ MORE

By Felix Rosado

On Wednesday... READ MORE

By Suliman Ali


My home is hell,

   One... READ MORE

By Shonari Warren GJ7202

I believe that the general public is completely unaware of how and why Pennsylvania has rightfully earned the identification... READ MORE

by Jeremiah Bush and David Lee

This essay is coming from the hearts and minds of two... READ MORE

On October 25, hundreds traveled to the State Capitol in Harrisburg for a rally in support of two bills (HB135 and SB942) that would create parole eligibility for those serving life sentences in... READ MORE

by Wen-dell Quenzell Caldwell

“EXITUS ACTA PROBAT” Latin for, “The End Justifies, the Means.”

Any means, no matter how foul, maybe used to defraud... READ MORE

Today I felt like a dog, a rat, or some type of animal, dehumanized. July fourth as I stood by my cell door and peered through the 5” by 20” glass slot in the door, eagerly anticipating my... READ MORE

I protest my innocence every time

In any place and in every way

Not because of the life without parole sentence

Nor because I care what... READ MORE

Channeling my inner Charles Dickens, very few men are capable of estimating the immense amount of torture and agony solitary confinement has inflicted upon me. These last twelve months... READ MORE

by Ricardo Noble

I’m presently on indefinite Solitary Confinement, called “Restricted Release List (RRL),” in S.C.I.-Greene’s Restricted Housing Unit (“RHU”).


By Scott Martin


I’m a 58 year old male that contracted the hepatitis C Virus 40 years ago (currently maxing-out a 2-4 ½ year sentence which... READ MORE

David LeeBy... READ MORE


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