Where's Wolf on mass incarceration?

Tom Wolf dressed as WaldoSo far, gubernatorial hopeful Tom Wolf has had little to say about how he’d address Pennsylvania’s mass incarceration crisis. With less than a week remaining before the election, over 51,000 people in prison and a $2 billion+ corrections budget, it is past time that Wolf tells us where he stands on mass incarceration.

Wolf needs to commit to changing the policies and practices that have led to mass imprisonment. In particular, we have identified the policy measures below:

  1. Enact a moratorium on prison construction;

  2. End Life without Parole sentencing;

  3. Repeal mandatory minimum laws;

  4. End Pennsylvania’s role in the war on drugs;

  5. Redirect funding away from incarceration and instead towards community needs like quality public education, healthcare, housing, food access, jobs and job training, community-based reentry, and non-punitive programs that address the root cause of violence in our communities.

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 For more on these demands, check out our legislative packet.